Type of assignments

Allied Consult has recently worked successfully on the following assignments:

1.    Transforming a functionally organised transshipment and storage company (harbour) to a client-oriented, cost-effective enterprise in logistic services.

2.    Designing and facilitating start-ups for ‘off shoring’ activities from the Netherlands to India within an internationally operating bank.

3.    Consulting and facilitating management of a BU of an internationally operating chemical industry in the matter of ‘inexplicable’ safety incidents with severe personal injuries.

4.    Supporting the Board of Directors of a big insurance company in co-operative activities after a merger.

5.    Developing a management development programme for a business unit of an internationally operating chemical industry and supporting a transformation process aimed at increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

6.    Consulting en facilitating in cases of conflicts and harassment issues in several companies.

7.    Contributing to the development of an international Management Development programme for a leading bank. Designing activities that contributed to management and team development, e.g. by making use of ‘outdoor exercises’.

8.    Issues relating to co-operation between the members of the board of a school for higher professional education.

9.    Research related to and support of a pilot of an important insurance company aiming to serve the market of immigrants with its financial products.

10.   Guiding the members of the board of a school for higher professional education through a period of serious conflict in the organisation that resulted from opposition against culture changing processes and the results of a merger.

11.   Consulting and facilitating a polytechnical school on designing and implementing self-responsible work teams.

12.   Various projects relating to functioning, outsourcing and (re)organising support departments such as maintenance, human resources etc.

13.   Sparring partner, (Dutch, German and English-speaking) coach and consultant/facilitator coaching management and management teams at different management levels and professionals operating in various fields of expertise and organisations off or on the job.

14.   Development assessments for management at different levels and professional specialists to support them in role changes, career orientation and career development.