Allied Consult is part of a network of professionals at home and abroad that is engaged in psychological processes in relation to organisational changes. The most important objectives of this network are the exchange of information and literature, the development of knowledge and methodologies related to organisational change and teamwork.

Allied Consult is, amongst others, associated with Phyleon: “Centre for Leadership and Change” in the Hague and has a successful collaboration of over 15 years with top professionals, such as:

Thyra de Graaff

Erik van der Loo







For years provisions for events and outdoor training are supplied in a professional manner by PHConsult. The thriving force behind this enterprise and friend and colleague of the best mountaineer guides in Europe is:

Philippe Haberer


Allied Consult works closely together with psychological consultancy Ascender on Labour and Health. One of the most important contact persons for Allied Consult is:

Moniek Vossenaar







For development assessments or assessments within the framework of recruitment and selection Allied Consult recommends quite regularly and most confidently Maas Assessment. It is a consultancy that does not look upon psychological research as just a routine job.


In addition contacts with many partners and colleagues have come about through memberships of (international) organisations such as:

International Society for the Psychoanalitic Study of Organisations



Organisation for Promoting Understanding  of Society




Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen