John Scheenen

John Scheenen is the founder/managing director of Allied Consult. He has finished his studies in Industrial and Organisational psychology at the University of Groningen. He has also a Master’s degree in Management and Organisation from the Catholic University of Brabant and Ashridge Management Institute in the UK. He has attended postgraduate international learning programmes relating to Leadership, Human Resource Management and Group Relations in Switzerland (International Management Development, Lausanne), England (Tavistock Institute), Israel (OFEK), and Germany (EPOC, European Psychoanalytic Organisational Consulting). He has also had extended training in Group dynamic Group therapy, Family and Organisation Constellations (Bert Hellinger).


As management consultant he specialises in diagnosing organisational issues and in framing, directing and implementing processes connected with change and transition in a variety of organisations (e.g. port, chemical industry, insurance companies, logistics, education and health institutes). During transition processes he supports executives in developing a better insight into their personal leadership, and their impact on change processes connected with it, in the context of their position, their team and their organisation.

He supports teams in creating effective teamwork, retaining as much independence as possible and he coaches individual leaders working at various levels.

He is frequently a member of the behavioural faculty of various international management development programmes on leadership and team development in multinational organisations in Brazil, China, Finland, The Netherlands, the USA and Switzerland.

He is frequently invited to contribute to modelling issues on organisational development, conflicts, team coaching and executive coaching in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Austria.