Literatuur en artikelen

Reflecting upon psychological processes in organisations has been stimulated in Europe by  the work of Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries, among others. His works about the personality of a leader and its effect on the functioning of an organisation are read by a large number of people. Some of his more significant works on this topic include:

“The Neurotic Organisation” (1984), “Leaders, Fools and Imposters” (1993),”Struggling with the Demon” (2001),”The Leadership mystique” (2006)

The Tavistock Institute organises a Group Relations Conference every year. At this conference, the unconscious processes in groups of various sizes are experienced and studied. The theoretical basis for this are with system theory and with psychoanalytical group dynamics. In addition, members of the Institute publish articles and books about their experiences during the conferences and within organisations. Some of these books by them and others are:

“The psychological man” (1979)     Harry Levinson

“The unconscious at work” (1994)   Anton Obholzer et al.

“The Systems Psychodynamics of Organisations:”Tribute to Eric J. Miller” (2001)   Ed. Laurence Gould et al.

“Reworking authority” (1997) Larry Hirshorn

“Containing anxiety in organisation” (1988)    Isabel Menzies Lyth

“System Thinking for Harassed Managers” (1994) Nano McCaughan / Barry Palmer

“Tonged with fire”      W. Gorden Lawrence

A fine supplier of books on this topic is Karnac Books (London). Those with further interest in this topic are advised to visit the website of the International Society for the Psychoanalytical Study of Organisations (ISPSO). On this site you will find articles about various subjects relating to ‘unconscious processes in organisations’, which are written by members of ISPSO.


Larry Hirschhorn and Thomas Gilmore: “The New Boundaries of the Boundaryless Company”, HBR, 1992.