Leadership development

Allied Consult’s vision on leadership exceeds thinking in terms of knowledge, learning and skills and competences. A guiding principle is that the behaviour of people can be understood in terms of personal history, situation in life and in terms of the context of the task people have and the team and the organisation in which they work. There is a continuous interaction between personal and business motives, caused by conscious and unconscious, rational and irrational processes in both individuals and team relations. Successful change management at different levels requires a keen insight into the ‘inner theatre’ of individuals and phenomena that can arise in team relations and in the overall organisation.

Leaders have the duty to manage the boundary between the inside and outside world of the organisation, the team and of themselves. Not until the leader can acquire insight into his ‘inner theatre’ and the phenomena that are evoked in relation to third parties, can development be anticipated. Only then the leader can improve the effectiveness of himself in solving organisational issues and what he means for the development of others.

Allied Consult helps organisations to adapt their leadership styles to fit their changing environments. In these days of crisis and cuts the emotionality in society yet also in organisations has evidently increased. It is up to the leader to deal with this emotionality.

Proximity, emotional maturity, being able to make contact, being an expert and setting boundaries, are relevant and essential powers and skills of a pleasant and effective leader these days. “Emotional containment” is the key word in this context.