In formulating its contribution to organisations Allied Consult restricts itself to two services: Leadership development and Process consulting. There are a number of reasons for this:

First of all, Allied Consult holds the view that the development of an organisation, group or individual is a matter of solving problems. Problems that are connected with the assignment that the organisation, a team or an individual have set themselves. Far too often addressing development is disconnected from the issue that one faces while shaking one’s head. A lot of effort is put into denying or avoiding the issue. A leader develops himself by dealing with the problem and by fighting his way through.

We must also acknowledge that the complexity of large somewhat older enterprises and organisations, such as universities, banks, educational and other social institutions and industry has increased considerably. The pressure on efficiency and effectiveness has increased the issuing of rules, expanded the emphasis on disciplined actions, intensified the pressure of work, introduced flexibility as an important value and changes as a constant in the organisations. The current crisis also has quite an unfavourable effect on this development. All this is often experienced as psychological pressure and more often than before it causes people to “suddenly” forget how to solve an issue. Some support by means of process consulting is then quickly called for in order to get through an awkward phase.

Allied Consult focuses on the organizational issue. Its efforts are aimed at the solution to this issue. The development of the leader runs parallel to this, so obviously personal counselling, executive coaching, team development and consultancy are part of the contribution of  Allied Consult.